Orphanage for kids living with hiv/aids

Children & kids living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities. HIV/AIDS Orphanage Thailand for children living with  “hiv-aids-kids” need your help, hiv/aids is no longer a death sentence with your help they have a chance at life.

We need your help. Can you spare these HIV/AIDS orphans a Dollar?

Children living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities in South East Thailand at

The Camillian Social Center Rayong.

Kids with the HIV/AIDS Virus and Disabilities.

hiv/aids orphanage in rayong thailand

Children living with HIV/AIDS need your Help

Can you spare them a Dollar.

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children with HIV/AIDS need a lot of help children with HIV/AIDS need a lot of help

My Name is Ou Father Giovanni helped me get my health back, can you help him to help others like me?

This is me just two years latter.

children with HIV/AIDS need a lot of help

On the left we have an authorized legal translation of the certificate of charitable NGO in Thailand.


The official Number for the St, Camillus Foundation of Thailand is 0089.


The Camillian Social Center Rayong is part of the St, Camillus Foundation of Thailand.


It is only with the help of benevolent organizations and generous individuals that allow us to continue providing support to the people living with HIV/AIDS. Should you decide to support some of our projects, donations made be sent directly to the:

  • St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand,
    Bank of Ayudhya,
    Map-Ta-Phut Branch Rayong,
    Account Number 229-1-29336-3 (AYUDTHBK).

    New today the 26th of September 2011. 

    You can now make a donation directly into our bank account using your Credit Card in Euro, $ United States Dollar or THB Thai Baht.

    Please firstly select the currency in which you would like to make your donation. 

    Secondly if you wish to send $10USD please enter 1000 as our system doesn’t recognise the decimal point. This is also the same for Euro or the THB. 

    $10USD          Please Enter 1000                    €10Euro           Please Enter 1000

    $100USD        Please Enter 10000                  $100Euro         Please Enter 10000 

    Also like wise with Thai Baht.

    Thirdly and most important please send us a quick email on aidskids@hotmail.com to let us know the specific purpose of your donation.

    Unfortunately this system doesn’t send us any details other than the amount donated. So just a quick line to let us know why you have made the payment, perhaps a sponsorship donation or expenses for a specified reason? Don’t forget you can also still use PayPal.

    I would like to donate
    Exm. 10000 mean to 100.00
    Choose Currency EUR. USD. THB.
    Payment Type


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If you would like more information, please contact Paul in English, Jintana (Koi) in Thai or the Director, Father Giovanni Contarin or Marco in Italian.

By telephone at (66) 3868-5480 or (66) 3869-1480
Fax at (66) 3868-7480
E-mail: cscrayon@loxinfo.co.th This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our mailing address in Thailand is:
1/1 Soi Kiri, Huae Pong,
Rayong 21150 THAILAND

In Italy, we can be reached at:
Fondazione PROSA-Onlus (Missioni Camilliane)
Via Lepetit, 4 20124 Milano
Tel: 02-67100990
E-mail: info@fondazione prosa.org


children with HIV/AIDS need a lot of help