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Children & kids living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities. HIV/AIDS Orphanage Thailand for children living with  “hiv-aids-kids” need your help, hiv/aids is no longer a death sentence with your help they have a chance at life.

We need your help. Can you spare these HIV/AIDS orphans a Dollar?

Children living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities in South East Thailand at

The Camillian Social Center Rayong.

Kids with the HIV/AIDS Virus and Disabilities.

hiv/aids orphanage in rayong thailand

Children living with HIV/AIDS need your Help

Can you spare them a Dollar.

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Norman Vernon from Bolton England does it yet again for the Kids of The Camillian Social Center Rayong on Sunday the 11th of February 2018 with a  trip to the beach.

Norman arrived with his friend Steven at our center just on 11:00am in plenty of time for lunch at noon. On this occasion they met up with Gerard and Johannes who had already arrived. Unfortunately Gerard and Johannes could not attend the afternoon event because it would mean driving back in the dark.

Once lunch was over it was off to the beach, the weather was a little overcast that morning but it brightened up at the beach with a wonderful cool on shore breeze throughout the afternoon. 

 The children enjoyed swimming and fooling around in the water with all the other beach fun. In particular the big inner-tubes where very popular.

At the end of all the beach fun there was a sumptuous feast at the beach restaurant and time for a Very Big Thank You yet again for Norman.

 So yet again Thank You Norman for providing yet another wonderful day out for our Children.

Thank You Norman for providing yet another wonderful day out for our Children.