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Children & kids living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities. HIV/AIDS Orphanage Thailand for children living with  “hiv-aids-kids” need your help, hiv/aids is no longer a death sentence with your help they have a chance at life.

We need your help. Can you spare these HIV/AIDS orphans a Dollar?

Children living with HIV/AIDS and other disabilities in South East Thailand at

The Camillian Social Center Rayong.

Kids with the HIV/AIDS Virus and Disabilities.

hiv/aids orphanage in rayong thailand

Children living with HIV/AIDS need your Help

Can you spare them a Dollar.

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This enormously arduous, epic journey by bicycle from London to BanChang Thailand is nearing its end.

 Liz and Catherine will be setting off on the very last leg of the journey from the Camel Pub BanChang at 2pm, on Sunday the 20th of March.

 We need you to be here to welcome them to the Camillian Social Center Rayong, especially if you are on a really big noisy motor cycle or a bicycle. Get all the lads together for a Sunday afternoon ride to the Camel Pub and escort them the rest of the way.

Don’t let them get lost.

HIV/AIDS orphanage Events and childrens outings





Liz Darley

Two young ladies form England are going on a little bike ride from England over land to Thailand in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Liz and Catherine are commencing this epic journey on the 22nd of July 2010 and hope to arrive at The Camillian Social Center Rayong Thailand some nine months latter.

Meanwhile here at the CSC Rayong I do the hard bit sitting in my open air office keeping track of their progress.

Liz and Catherine Preparing for their ride from London To Thailand. You can read about it for the horses mouth so to speak on the following link.


Camillian Social Center Rayong


Two young English Ladies, 

Catherine & Liz 

Catherine Howett 34, Liz Darley 31 have crossed the world from London to Rayong Thailand by Bicycle to Promote HIV/AIDS Prevention.  

Details of the journey


Along the way they have been raising money for two HIV/AIDS charities,  

The Camillian Social Center Rayong Thailand


& Food Chain London


It has been an epic cycling journey across country’s including Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Dubai, India, Nepal, Tibet, China,  Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia before finally arriving in Rayong Thailand.

The very last leg of this epic journey will be from The Camel Pub in BanChang Rayong province commencing at 2pm, on Sunday the 20th of March. All Bicycles and Motor Cycles are welcome to join them for this last short leg of their epic journey.

HIV/AIDS orphanage Events and childrens outings





Catherine Howett

The Camillian Social Centre supports children living with HIV/AIDS in Thailand.

Camillian Social Center Rayong

1/1 Soi Kiri Huae Pong, Rayong 21150 Thailand

Tel : 038 685480

Fax : 038 687480

E-mail : cscrayon@loxinfo.co.th

The Food Chain provides home delivered meals to those who are chronically sick as a result of HIV related illness.  

The Food Chain
New North House
202–208 New North Road
London N1 7BJ United Kingdom

T: + 44 (0)20 7354 0333
F: + 44 (0)20 7359 8169

The ride is about two things, first and foremost it is about raising awareness in young people to the realities of HIV/AIDS.

Secondly it is about raising money for two very worthwhile charities, The Camillian Social Center Rayong Thailand and The Food Chain.

I have been describing this as an epic journey but somehow that really is just not enough. To me it rates up there with names like Columbus, Magellan, and Armstrong. I have been a motorcyclist all my life and I may just have imagined doing this journey with at least 50hp, throbbing beneath me in the dim and very distant past. However to do this on a bicycle is totally beyond my imagination. Even then just to get past the fear of traveling through some of these countries regardless of the mode of transport is totally mind blowing. All I can say is that we will be thinking about you and I will be putting your journey on a world map so the children here at The Camillian Social Center Rayong can see your progress.

View Larger Map 

Here we have a further press release


Hopefully by now they should be on their way I will post details as soon as I know them.

The Route the ladies will be taking.

We will travel overland from England to Thailand. Listening, cycling, listening, cycling…..

We are currently planning to cycle through Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbijan and then the Stans (Iran might be a bit too hard to get a Visa for in the current climate!), Pakistan, India. At this junction we have a dilemma. We will firstly try a catch a boat from India to Singapore and go up through Malaysia to Thailand. If that fails, and miraculously the India / Myanmar (Burma) border opens, we will cycle through Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and into Thailand. OR we will try and go through Nepal into China and round the top to Vietnam, Cambodia and into Thailand.

We will be traveling for 9 months visiting schools and projects along the way, asking the young people we meet to respond to the challenges of HIV / AIDS in our world today. The responses can be individual or group responses; they can take whatever form the VOICES decide to use. Fingers crossed we are hoping to leave July 2010!

‘…we glibly say the world is a small place. That is nonsense: the world is enormous… It’s diversity and variety is staggering.‘ Alastair Humphreys. One of the key aims of this project is to highlight our unity through diversity.

The journey is a major challenge in its own right; 12 – 15,000km by bike and train is no mean feat! The team will no doubt encounter many challenges along the way.

  Have a listen to these short video clips to get an idea of the young peoples attitude towards HIV/AIDS. 

I will give you a good idea as to the very real purpose of this trip.

Pedal powering from London to Thailand; talking HIV/AIDS

Two intrepid women are cycling to Thailand alone, starting in July from their home in Tooting, south London. Liz Darley and Catherine Howett will be taking a route that includes Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, and India, talking to young people about HIV / AIDS along the way.

The two will visit schools and projects along this culturally and religiously diverse route asking young people why they think that HIV/AIDS continues to devastate lives worldwide.

Liz and Catherine, both in their early thirties, are average Londoners working 8– 6 in their respective jobs as teacher and environmentalist.

Catherine, who hadn’t ridden a bike since she was six years old, started cycling again 3 years ago when she met Liz, she is now about to embark on this 15,000 mile, 9 month adventure. The two conceived of the idea in response to Catherine’s six year old niece, Lily, asking them to visit her home in Thailand, and Liz not wanting to fly there… the only other logical way to get there was by bike!

As a drama teacher Catherine has a fundamental passion for stories which is at the heart of the project. Catherine has recently completed a research project looking at drama interventions to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in a global context, and the opportunity to put theory into practice presented itself.

Catherine says: ‘Taking on this huge challenge will not change the HIV/ AIDS world but it does show that HIV/AIDS is worth talking about. It is important enough for us to leave our jobs and cross half the world. It is worth listening.’

Contact information : For further details contact Liz on 07960 804969 or onelittlewheel@googlemail.com

Facts and Figures:

Charities: The project aims to raise money for two charities; The Food Chain and The Camillian Social Centre.

The Food Chain provides home delivered meals to those who are chronically sick as a result of HIV related illness. Liz has been volunteering in a local Food Chain kitchen for two years now. The Camillian Social Centre was founded by Camillian missionaries and offers life giving support to children living with HIV / AIDS in Thailand. This charity was suggested by Lily, Catherine’s niece who lives in Thailand and her school often visit the centre.

The route : the journey begins in London, travels across Europe into Turkey (mostly by train), then by bike across Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and across the Caspian Sea by boat, into The Stans. From there we will cycle into China, cross the Himalayas into Pakistan and into India. From Delhi we will decide either to cycle south through India to try and catch a boat to Singapore and then through Malaysia to Thailand, or we will cycle north, back over the Himalayas into Tibet, China down through Vietnam and Cambodia into Thailand.

When we start: The journey begins on 22 July 2010

Where we plan to end : The journey ends in Rayong in eastern Thailand, hopefully in April 2011.

Project website: http://onelittlewheel.com/

HIV/AIDS orphanage Events and childrens outings HIV/AIDS orphanage Events and childrens outings